Finding Fraser’s Ridge is a traveler’s companion for Outlander fans looking to experience North Carolina as Jamie and Claire Fraser did in the 18th century! Inspired by Outlander author Diana Gabaldon’s exhaustive efforts to place her characters into local and historically accurate scenes, this blog will not only explore Carolina sites and towns visited by the Frasers but also the people, places and events that played a role in their exploits and politics. Best of all, you’ll learn how you can visit and see them for yourself!

Written by a history-loving, native North Carolinian and Outlander devotee, Finding Fraser’s Ridge will also keep you apprised of Outlander happenings across the state here in the 21st century.

Readers beware: If you haven’t finished the novels written thus far, or if you’re only following the hit Starz series, you may come across a few spoilers here and there.

Please share your own historic location ideas, and be sure to follow Finding Fraser’s Ridge on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates!

Whether you’re a native or a sassenach planning to visit the Old North State, Finding Fraser’s Ridge will help you navigate the sites that bring Jamie and Claire’s story, as well as the colonial history of North Carolina, to life. Je suis prest!

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