An Outlander After-Party at Historic Latta Plantation

The Frasers arrived in North Carolina. They established Fraser’s Ridge with Jamie building the cabin by hand. We met the Native Americans in North Carolina, Regulators and Governor Tryon. We even saw Claire wearing dogwood flowers around her neck at the theater. Be still, my beating heart of North Carolina history!jamie claire season 4

claire season 4
Photos: Starz

But now, with season four of the Starz hit “Outlander” at an end, we’re faced with a very serious, much-dreaded condition until next season: Droughtlander.

But dinna fash. Thanks to Historic Latta Plantation, you can cope with Droughtlander by celebrating the novels and show we love with fellow fans at a fabulous party!

On the evening of March 16, 2019, Historic Latta will host the Outlander After-Party! Party like it’s 1743 at this themed soirée, which will feature dinner, whiskey tastings, a Scottish country dancing workshop and more.

Kendall Kendrick, Vice Chair of the Historic Latta Board of Directors, gave me the scoop on the party, which is Historic Latta’s first Outlander-themed event.

“We felt like the timing was perfect with the recent season of the television show taking place in North Carolina,” Kendrick says. “We know how much people love the books and the television series so we thought the Outlander party would be a festive experience for all the area fans, including us!”

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.09.14 AMThe Outlander After-Party coincides with Historic Latta’s 7th Annual Celtic Festival, a two-day historic celebration of Celtic culture. Click here to learn more about the festival.

I’ve previously written about Revolutionary War battle reenactments at Historic Latta Plantation, a circa-1800 plantation established by a Scots-Irish immigrant in Huntersville. Keep an eye on Latta’s calendar because they have some great events with connections to the Outlander time period.

Two Highland regiments in 18th century garb will be participating in the Celtic Festival as reenactors, and they’ll also be in attendance at the Outlander After-Party. “I’ve heard that we may have some Jacobites in our presence!” Kendrick says. If ever there’s a time to use the Jacobite toast to the king “over the water” you might recall from season 2, this is it.

Costumes are encouraged! Prizes for the best Claire and Jamie costumes will be awarded. In fact, there are a number of prizes up for grabs!thumb_DSC_1949_1024

Food (included in the cost of your ticket) will be provided by The Scottish Cottage. And there must be whiskey and beer, of course.

The party will be held outdoors — rain or shine. The music and dancing will be under a large tent, and Historic Latta has a few options on site if the weather isn’t ideal.

Tickets, which are $30, are available for pre-sale only. Click here to get your tickets today! As Historic Latta says, we ken this is a party you will nae want to miss!

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